Experience Aquatrek, one step at a time.
Swimming Pool Access Products
  • Enhance pool access for your clients and help them walk on water; with AquaTrek, your clients can walk forward to both enter and exit the pool.
  • Easier pool access means increased numbers of clients using your facility; AquaTrek is rated as the top quality product in the pool access industry and that means you will be giving your clients the best.
  • Offer low, therapeutic distances between steps and a system that is customized to fit your individual facility; AquaTrek can be built with step distances as low as five and a half inches.
  • Offer AquaTrek, a portable access system that is rated for a 600 lb user weight capacity.
  • Offer AquaTrek, a system backed by national dealer representation that includes dealers like Recreonics Corporation and Brock Enterprises.
  • Give your clients the quality they demand; as exemplified by our testimonials, the AquaTrek system and the company of Rehab Systems, LLC has that reputation.

  Rehab Systems, LLC is the sole manufacturer of the AquaTrek pool access systems, which include the AquaTrek Ladder, AquaTrek Step, AquaTrek Transfer Platform, AquaTrek Ramp, Aquatrek Transfer System and AquaTrek Wheel Chair. Our organization was established in 1990 with the goal of providing the best pool access system available.    

The AquaTrek system is the ideal solution for pool access and each AquaTrek Ladder, AquaTrek Step and AquaTrek Ramp is custom built to meet your individual facility needs as a walk-in styled pool access ladder, pool access step or pool access ramp.

The AquaTrek pool access systems are a system of access ladders, steps and ramps rated for a 600-lb user weight capacity. Heavy duty models of the AquaTrek Ladder and AquaTrek Step are available to exceed the capacity of 600 lbs, just ask for details.

Your new AquaTrek Ladder, AquaTrek Step or AquaTrek Ramp will be custom-built using a noncorrosive metal skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin. The AquaTrek system is removable and provides all swimmers simple and practical aquatic access that is dignified. Each AquaTrek pool access system allows forward walking entry to and exit from the pool. The treads of the units feature a nonslip safety surface. Wheels are built-in to add portability to the AquaTrek system. All AquaTrek products are built from the finest materials available. Customizations are included in the purchase price.

Each AquaTrek system comes with a complete, one-year warranty. At Rehab Systems, we build our AquaTrek pool access systems with the plan for product quality that will exceed our warranty. Our motto is to build excellence one step at a time. Our goal is to help all our clients walk on water with AquaTrek. Some of the best pool access product dealers carry our AquaTrek pool access systems with pride.

Rehab Systems, LLC.

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